The Only Thing I want is to Live

Birgitta Bergin

Det enda jag vill

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Sweden: Piratförlaget



Awards and Nominations 

Shortlisted for Best Feel-good at the Storytel Awards 2022


Short listed for Feel-Good of the Year at Feelgoodfestivalen 2022

When life opens new doors.

“My name is Linnea Ingrid Wilhelmina, and my only desire is to live.”
When Nike hears the old lady’s voice on the radio it awakens something within her. Nike is living a square life and is walking on eggshells around her husband Elvis, no children and no friends. But at least she is able to go outside, unlike the old lady Linnea who is isolated in her apartment due to the pandemic. She is nearly blind and because of the government mandated restrictions she no longer receives the daily escort for her walks. The sound of Linnea’s warm voice makes Nike’s heart ache.

Nike finds the courage to contact Linnea and offers to take her out for a walk. All so she can smell the bright yellow roses near the hill up the road. This begins a friendship and journey of liberation for both of them. Nike starts embracing her newly discovered brave side. It leads her to sign up for a painting class that will open doors and change her life in ways she never could have imagined. Her life used to revolve around her husband’s rules and not daring to stand up for herself. Now it will be filled with creativity, a never-before-seen self-esteem and above all – an unexpected love.


300 pages




"Wow what a book! Fantastic. Probably book of the year!" - @milordmonica, instagram


"This book was great. Nice characters and the story was very good." - @mariajohansson book blogg


"An easy-to-read, fine-tuned story about friendship, love and daring." - @miasbok


"This is a warm and sometimes upsetting novel with depth." - @bibbloagneta


“What a wonderful book! Sure, it's a Feel Good novel, but with a depth and a great understanding of relationships. Incredibly nice and thought-provoking book. Highest rating." - @bokmalarochbladloss, book blog


“This is a touching book on several levels." - @bokochtanke, book blog


"A great and current story in our time of pandemic and social isolation. That feeling of goosebumps, warmth and sadness when a book ends is, after all, super lovely.” -@bokfarmor_lena, book blog


“Do I detect a small trend here? A very nice trend in that case. Love these stories of friendship between different generations. Here, two beautiful portraits are drawn of quite different women who find each other in what they still have in common - loneliness. ” - @bok_stavligt, book blog


“The books by Birgitta Bergin's are usually well written, touching and thought-provoking, but this time she has outdone herself! This was an incredibly strong book and it touched me deeply on several levels. Thank you for one of the strongest books of the year!” -@boksann, book blog