After Winter

Jacob Lindfors


Rights sold

Finland: Gummerus

Sweden: Piratförlaget


Film rights: Nevis productions

A sabotage has revealed Sweden's secret nuclear weapons to the whole world. Russia responds by entering Finnish Lapland with a military force to take the Nordics hostage.

Battle-hardened operator Mattias Kassian must lead an international team on a secret mission to force peace. Their operations will take them from burning Bakhmut in war-torn Ukraine to Tel Aviv in Israel.

In occupied Rovaniemi, in the heart of Finnish Lapland, Madeleine Hansen faces her own nightmare as a prisoner of war in the hands of the Russians. The longer Kassian's mission drags on, the worse her chances of survival become.

After Winter finishes the story of special forces operator Mattias Kassian's fight against the Norrland terrorist network the Winter pack.


466 Pages



"To think that I, who have always disliked military-oriented thrillers, usually naively overly patriotic (American) and / or reveling in weapons technology and violence, would fall so hard for Jacob Lindfors' quartet THE WINTER PACK, which now ends with AFTER WINTER. Here is an epic magnificence in the midst of today's complex and conflict-filled world situation portrayed through the deeply personal of some people who try to navigate their way as best they can, try to use their special abilities to still do something significant in the midst of all the misery. It is also impressively adept at creating an alternative and fictional contemporary that actually brings other perspectives to today's reality. As before, really well written with a bustling plot and a really exciting drama. If you haven't read these books, congratulations, you have many hours of pleasure-filled suspense reading ahead of you." - Kapprakt, book blog


"Jacob Lindfors delivers another action-packed military thriller! This one is scarier than the other books because it's current events, and the scariest part is that it can happen, while also being addictive. An incredibly well written book, it's really detailed descriptions and it's easy to imagine, it's masterfully done!
It's sad to say goodbye to Kassian and his team, but I hope to see them again!

Those of you who have not yet read this smash hit series...READ!

And Jacob…don't stop writing guy books, KEEP IT UP" - @agnethas_boktips , book blog


"Jacob Lindfors has usurped a place on the thriller scene in a short time and with his four books about Mattias Kassian, which will soon also be seen on the screen, he has written one of the best book suites in modern times. I don't know if you should think it's sad that After Winter is the last book in this series or not. It might be a good idea not to drag out series too long. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with next. In this book, the commitment that the author has shown in various interviews regarding what is happening around the world is very noticeable. Lindfors uses fiction to solve some of the problems we hear about in the news every day. In his books, it's not just a series of military action scenes, we also get a lot of politics, relationship drama and moral dilemmas. I've had the pleasure of following this author on his journey for a few years and it's a real pleasure to meet him IRL. For me as a reader where approximately 96% of all literature comes from countries outside of Sweden, it is very appreciated that there are a few fantastically talented authors in my home country. Even if the thought of conflicts in the immediate area is not pleasant, it is interesting to read about how it could turn out if things go wrong here in northern Europe. Something that is really worth noting is that a lot of foreign writers have also started to open their eyes to our part of the world and also write about what can happen here both politically and militarily. Should it happen that you missed this author, I really recommend his books." - @abibliofob


"Jacob Lindfors finishes with the flag at the top. You can't help but be impressed by Jacob Lindfors! Recently, the fourth and final book about Mattias Kassian, After Winter,  was released, and Jacob delivers. Well written, extremely dramaturgically exciting, nasty (yes, it will be a few times), thought provoking and simply a good ending. Although I hope that Mattias Kassian shows up again.

Despite the fact that especially at the beginning it feels very realistic with the war going on in Ukraine and the situation in Israel. It gives me shortness of breath, which is not surprising, because we live in a very troubled world right now. I like the way Jacob writes, with good pacing and clever story, cheers for him!" - @erikhultgren book shop



"These books really should be read by everyone. An absolutely fantastic series of books whose plot is so incredibly true to life and very relevant in the world today... I like that he mixes a bit of reality and fictional situations and ties this together perfectly...I am so incredibly impressed by the skill of the author to write these books when the world looks like it does. I like that he mixes a bit of reality and fictional situations and ties this together perfectly. 5 out of 5" - @systrarnaboktokiga book blog