An Irresistible Desire

Birgitta Bergin


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Finland: Bookbeat

Sweden: Bokfabriken


Anna has everything she ever wanted. A harmonious family life and a challenging job as chairman for Vansbo real estate. But when her lover starts working with a newly developed charity project, they drift apart. And who is the project’s mysterious and secretive founder?


It becomes harder to keep the relationship alive when Anna’s treacherous ex appears in Stockholm and does everything to come in contact with her. At first, she is able to resist his advances, but when he is in an accident she doesn’t see any other way out than to help him.


Storm clouds gather over Anna’s new-found happiness and a fatal confrontation turns the situation on its head. When the storm fades, Anna has more answers than she wished. Then, and only then, does she know what is true and false, who is friend and who is foe.



316 pages