An Irresistible Proposal

Birgitta Bergin


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Anna Holm is a 30-year old property analyst from Kungälv. Life is at a standstill. Her boyfriend, Jesper, is nice and work is fine, but something essential is missing.

One day she receives a letter by registered mail from the law firm Lindberg & Co. With increasing astonishment, she reads that she has been named heir to five million euros. However, to claim the inheritance she must perform a mission. The entire letter seems unbelievable, but at least she has to check what she needs to do to claim the inheritance. She calls the law firm and books an appointment.

Two weeks later she stands in her new apartment at Östermalm in Stockholm, ready to fulfil her mission. But where to begin and who is this jet set guy, Carl-Henrik Vansbo?


With An Irresistible Proposal Birgitta Bergin has written a captivating relationship drama about two people who meet under peculiar circumstances and develop a closeness that will change them forever. The story takes place in an environment where appearance is more important than what’s on the inside and where everything can be bought. But what happens when a person’s façade breaks down and the real person emerges? Can love change old patterns and behaviours?



342 pages