Sunshine and Parmigiano (Solsken och parmesan)

Christoffer Holst


Rights sold

Denmark: Flamingo

Norway: Cappelen Damm

Sweden: Lovereads




A gastronomic feel-good novel about family secrets and new chances. Max Nyström is an acclaimed restaurant critic, but no one knows that he was fired from the newspaper he works for, and also forced to move into his aunt's studio. Max’ curiosity is awoken when he finds an old collection of recipes in the studio's bookshelf, written by his own mother. She disappeared without a trace more than thirty years ago. In the late 80s, young Kicki Nyström leaves Västervik for the big city. She has gotten a job at the bistro Lilla Champen and enjoys being part of the hustle and bustle of the big city. But wonderful is short, and life soon takes an unexpected turn. At the same time as Max starts searching for his missing mother, he gets to know the waitress Olga. Together, they begin to wallow in the mystery, but the path to the truth becomes both tricky and emotional.


320  pages




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