Good Night, My Darling

Inger Frimansson


Rights sold

Bulgaria: UNISCORP

China: New Star Press

Denmark: Politiken

Finland: Like

France: Éditions First

Germany: Random House/Btb

Greece: Pedio

Japan: Shuiesha

Latvia: Daugava

Netherlands: Ambo Anthos

Norway: Damm

Poland: Buchmann

Russia: Phantom

Spain: Ediciones B (World Rights)

Sweden: Harper Collins Nordic (previously Norstedts)

Taiwan: Ace Publishing

USA: Caravel Books

Mexico: Ediciones B

Who is Justine Dalvik, the woman in the stone mansion high over Lake Mälar? She refuses to sell her house and seems to live an independent life with her great fortune. What happened really during that tragic trip she took to the Malaysian jungle? When Justine is around, frightening events begin to happen. Maybe the clue lies in her childhood when her showdown with her past becomes catastrophic.

Best Swedish Crime Novel 1998, appointed by Swedish Crime Writer Academy.

The book won gold in the american Book of the Year Awards 2007 (ForeWord Magazine), in the category translated novels.


In 2020 new editions was released along with a brand new book in this three book series.


236 pages

Full English translation by Laura Widerburg available.


“Having just a few books under her belt, Inger Frimansson has carved out a position among the best Swedish depicters of the wayward ways of the human soul’s deepest subconscious.”

Svenska Dagbladet

“With this book, she stands out as one of the greatest creators of psychological tension in contemporary Swedish literature.”


“With absolute pitch for the abnormal lying beneath the apparently normal.”

Nerikes Allehanda

“Inger Frimansson bears out her ability to give emotions, life and believability to the invisible oppressed, the ones who can suddenly strike back – with life-threatening consequences. Thrilling is just the beginning.”