Heaven is a Place on Earth

Christoffer Holst

himlen ar en plats

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Denmark: Flamingo

Sweden: Lovereads




A warm and funny Feelgood novel about friendship, unexpected adventures and that it's never too late to start over. Mimmi is newly divorced and has just found the spark of life again. This summer she will go on a road trip all the way down to southern Europe. Lotta doesn't have much of a spark of life at all. Lotta and Mimmi met over thirty years ago, when they both worked at the social welfare office. Since then, a whole life has passed, but they are still together. And now, when Lotta can barely get out of bed at home in Östersund, she needs her friend more than ever. So at the last second she decides to accompany Mimmi in her van heading south. The journey is bordered by both love and sadness, and when they reach Greece, and find the beginning of a forgotten love story, a whole new adventure begins.


Watch the author talk about the book in Tv4 New Morning Sofa (Clip in Swedish)





Release April 2024 in Sweden