The Dutchman

Birgitta Bergin


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Sweden: Bokfabriken


Karin’s whole being collapses when her father dies and she realizes that lies and secrets are the reason for the lack of love in her childhood. The memories that were repressed for a long time suddenly create a new truth. It’s now up to Karin to find out who her real father was – in order not to fall apart completely.


It’s the beginning of a journey that takes Karin far back in time in search for truth, a place in history with the terror of Nazism and to the 1960’s in Halmstad. Why did her father leave the family? Why was Karin forbidden to tell her brother certain things? And what is the secret that her mother is keeping?


The Dutchman is a family drama that stretches over three generations. Closely guarded family secrets, guilt, passion, betrayal and love take turns replacing one another in this well-written novel that is based on a true story.


283 pages





“Gripping, suspenseful and captivating." – Bokmysan, book blog


”The story contains family secrets, love, betrayal and drama. I love how it’s not predictable how the story will go since it’s based on a true story. You can’t make it sugar sweet because it wasn’t a happy ending in real life either.” – Karin Boktok, book blog


”Incredibly moved by the story. Birgitta Bergin has captured all the characters emotions” – Emmas krypin, book blog


“A really well-written and gripping story. The mother and daughter relationship is incredibly well-depicted, emotional and realistic” - Zellys bokhylla, book blog


The Dutchman is a fascinating and moving story. Birgitta Bergin has woven together a well- written story that has an extra shine to it. I think many people will love this as much as I did!” – Eva Boström, Amelia Magazine


“A warm, sad and cautiously-written story based on a true story. Sorrow rests like a thin film over how life didn’t turn out how you imagined” – Kajsa Banck, BTJ