In the Heart of Ådala

Åsa Liabäck


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Sweden: Printz Publishing



Thirty-five-year-old Anna has just come out the other side of a broken relationship when she buys an allotment in Ådala, along Stångån in Linköping. She is tired of being lonely and wants to get back on her feet. Wants to get her hands dirty and feel the soil and find new meaning in life.

In the allotment area there is also the older man Ragnar, a bon vivant, who keeps track of everything that happens in the cottages. The garden police Rigmor who makes life more difficult for everyone. Middle-aged Margareta who has suddenly fallen in love again. And Stephanie who needs to escape from her parents.

While flowers and vegetables come to life, emotions begin to sprout in Ådala. Unexpected friendship, betrayal and secrets. It will be a summer to remember...

In the Heart of Ådala is the first part in a feelgood series by Åsa Liabäck. A heartwarming escape from reality with characters that are impossible not to love.



278 pages





"Charming that takes place in a colonial area where anything can happen. Warning for strong spring feelings and a strong urge to garden.”
Göteborgs Posten
"...It is a warm and thoroughly charming story with solid and charismatic characters that capture the reader from the first moment... the creative joy can almost be touched... Overall rating 4 out of 5"  BTJ library services no 5 2021

Åsa Liabäck has written a wonderfully charming debut novel!... Now I'm longing for the next part in the series about the cozy colonial area... If you like feel-good books, don't miss this one! I loved it!” sofias­_books Instagram

"Yes. Then you have gone and fallen in love. In an 82-year-old fictional old man named Ragnar. It's something you just have to deal with. Ragnar is a real thief, I can see in front of me how devilishness shines in the eyes of the old man, before he runs naked onto the bridge. As a reader, you also get to know Anna, Margareta and Stephanie a little better. I really liked this book, already halfway through I had already recommended it to two colleagues. Super cosy, fun and charming. I like all the personalities, the feelings between them feel genuine and I look forward to the sequel. Because there will be a sequel, right? “ - malin.mitt.i.boken Instagram

"Perhaps you should buy a plot of land? In that case, I want one in Ådala so that I can continue to hang out with the gang there. Åsa Liabäck has painted them so nicely in this book that I am convinced that they must exist in reality... Oh, how I enjoyed listening to this book. It's a heartwarming feelgood with lovely characters. Just like in ordinary life, there is both joy and sorrow, love and betrayal, friendship and bitterness.
In addition, we are treated to environmental descriptions that make it feel as if you are right there in the greenery and flowers. I can feel the scents and the grass tickling between my toes. This book makes me long for summer even more. We have a lot of good Swedish feelgood authors and I add Åsa Liabäck to that list. This is feel-good at its best. I wasn't ready to let go of the people in this book, and Ragnar in particular. Lucky that there was a sequel so I get to meet the gang again.” -malinsbokblogg