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Åsa Liabäck is a Swedish author with a profound focus on relationships. She resides in Linköping, southern Sweden, with her family. As a licensed psychotherapist, she has dedicated over two decades to helping children and adolescents at Linköping University Hospital. In her free time, Åsa is an avid gardener, spending countless hours tending to her family's lush garden on the outskirts of the city. She takes great joy in cultivating a variety of plants, from beautiful flowers to edible delights. Her latest garden obsession is the colorful chioggia beet.

What inspires Åsa in her writings are books that dare to explore complex themes and important subjects. She likes books that weaves narratives from multiple perspectives for a richer understanding of the story. In Åsa's own books you find just that - they offer the reader a range of emotion and she doesn't shy away from tackling challenging themes, weaving humor and friendship into narratives that also explore serious topics. The readers identify with her cast of relatable and charming main characters. Each of them with their own unique complexities as they come together in her heartwarming series of four books.

The Ådala series offers an entertaining collection of stories set in an idyllic environment centered around the real-life allotment area of Ådala, where she herself used to own a cottage for many years. The cottage area is a perfect playground for people to come close whether they like or not!


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2023 - Like a Wind Through Ådala (Som en vind genom Ådala), novel

2022- While the Snow Falls Over Ådala (Medan snön faller I Ådala), novel

2022- Longing for Ådala (Längtan över Ådala), novel

2021 - In the Heart of Ådala (I hjärtat av Ådala) , novel


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