I Will Get Through This

Katarina Mannheimer Ahlström


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Sweden: LB Förlag



In the spring of 2020, Katarina suffered from a malignant tumor in her left breast. It was in the middle of the corona pandemic's first wave and to protect herself against corona infection, she isolated herself in quarantine for the barely two weeks that elapsed between diagnosis and surgery. As a hypnotherapist, travel therapist and meditation leader, Katarina felt that she had many valuable knowledge and tools available. She decided to see the quarantine as a retreat and went in to actively help in her own healing with the resources she had at hand. Katarina also got acquainted with the type of approach, diet and lifestyle that can counteract cancer. In her book, she shares the methods she used. This is her story of how she lovingly led herself through the disease.


200  pages




"Very good, personable, approachable and extremely informative." BTJ library services no 19 2022