Can Anyone Love Misja

Inger Frimansson

kan man alska

Rights sold

Denmark: Gyldendal

Sweden: Bonnier Carlsen

Spring turns into summer and summer break is here. Frossan, Bojan, Hercules and the other are often seen in the stable. And now when Rabalder is back, no one is happier than Frossan.


Amanda and several others talk about the horse camp they are going to. Frossan also wants to go. Or does she? Does she really dare to go away from home, for a full week? It is maybe a relief when Susanna decides to arrange a day camp, here at the home stables? You get to go home and sleep in your own bed. Bojan comes to visit during riding camp, but she also brings someone else. Her best friend from Jönköping, Clara… And as if that is not enough to put Frossan’s world in turmoil, Misja, the grey horse that sometimes kicks, gets weirder and angrier for each day.  In the end, no one dares to ride her. A horse like Misja, can you have her at a riding school? Who dares to ride her?


220 pages