A Long Way Home

Mariette Lindstein

Lång väg hem

Rights sold

Finland: Atena

Lithuania: Obuolys

Sweden: Forum


A unique, personal account from inside the controversial Church of Scientology. Mariette Lindstein was a high-ranking Scientologist when she managed to escape from the headquarters in the United States under dramatic circumstances. After nine novels in which she used her experiences of sectarian mentality, she is now telling her own story for the first time. As a young seeking woman, she was drawn to the Church of Scientology in Malmö and then made her way over twenty-five years through all levels of the hierarchy to the very top management. In her autobiography, she gives the reader access to a closed world that has been inaccessible to most. It is a story about what makes a person go through fire and water to find belonging and finally find home.


400 Pages



"A Long Way Home - My 25 years in the cult gives the reader an insight into a closed world. It is a fascinating and terrifying read. The book is also a poignant portrait of a lost person's search for meaning - and a young person's search for adventure. Lindstein skillfully balances between portrayal and narrative pieces. She writes refreshingly unsentimentally. At its best, the book is as compelling as a novel" - BTJ library services no 6, 2024