Like a Wind Through Ådala

Åsa Liabäck


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Sweden: Printz Publishing



Spring is sprouting in the allotment area in Linköping, and Anna is completely in love with her new baby. But it feels like something is wrong with Patric? Stephanie struggles with her music career - but is music enough to make life feel complete? Marcus is putting down roots in Linköping again, but the memories from New York are constantly being reminded. Maybe a new friendship could be the solution?

Ådala's favorite old man Ragnar thinks a lot about love, and unexpected love suddenly turns his life upside down. And then we have Rigmor, who has always been sure of her position in the allotment area. But a message from a family member causes her confidence to falter. Is it possible to change oneself so late in life?

Like a Wind Through Ådala is the fourth part in the popular feelgood series about the Ådala colony area by Åsa Liabäck. A heartwarming story with characters who become your friends.


396 pages




"Warming entertainment with quality and a nice gallery of characters. Funny how an unknown author, who debuted as late as 2021, has found his way into the hearts of many.” - Mmagazine No. 13 2023

"My heart is really warm when I put together this book and I can't even THINK of not being able to continue following these fine people anymore!

I'm not going to stop hoping for another meeting with the people in the allotment area Ådala.

If you missed this lovely series, it's definitely time to read it now! " - bland_bocker_och_tekoppar Instagram

"The character drawings are wonderfully vivid and realistic. A worthy end to a very readable series about the importance of friends and community in life's ups and downs"

"Overall rating 4 (=very good)"

BTJ library services no. 16

"What I will miss is walking slowly through Ådala, smelling the scents from all the flowers in the colony area. I will miss sitting with Ragnar on the balcony and listening to his bees buzzing around the garden or going for a walk with the dog Räkan. I will miss Stephanie's singing and music from her allotment garden. I will miss visiting Anna, Patrick and their little Felix. I will miss meeting Rigmor in the coffee house and talking to her for a while.

I will miss the entire Ådala colony area and the people there. I don't want it to end.

This is feelgood at its best. ” - teochbocker Instagram

” … I was drawn into the story immediately and found myself drooling with happiness for several chapters. Then I had a hard time breaking free, so I read the book last Saturday night with tears flowing in torrents. Åsa is a master of colorful environmental descriptions and lovingly described characters who feel like one's friends. …”

Tessansboktips Instagram

"As I will miss all the people in the Ådala colony area, most of all Ragnar and Stephanie. The characters have entered my heart and in this book Rigmor also got a special place.

It was such a nice end to the quartet. I couldn't have wished for more.

The book (and the series) has it all. Heart and warmth. Life problems, complications and solutions. Wonderful characters that get close and nice environmental descriptions. A big dose of coziness and so few tears. No wonder you close the book with sadness when the last page is read.” - Boktokig, book blog

"Such a charming series with great personalities and lots of warmth. At the same time, the books are filled with sadness, loss, loneliness and longing. I love that the books are written in short snapshots, a bit like watching a TV series. Rap events with chliffhangers that are skillfully woven together. It moves the plot forward at a pleasant pace that makes you just: "one more chapter..."  - villa_frejas_boktips Instagram