Longing for Ådala

Åsa Liabäck


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Sweden: Printz Publishing



In the Ådala allotment area, life never stands still.

Anna has longed for children for a long time, but the road to get there turns out to be more difficult than she thought, even though she and Patric are so newly in love. Margareta struggles with her feelings for Rune, whose wife is getting sicker. Stephanie is working on her music career, and things finally seem to be unraveling! She has also fallen in love, but is he as perfect as he first seems?

Ådala's all-around and clever old man, Ragnar, does his best to keep track of all the intrigues that grow up among the greenery. But when a new family acquires a cottage in the area it stirs up strong emotions for the neighbors.

Longing for Ådala is the second part in the popular feelgood series about the Ådala allotment area by Åsa Liabäck. A heartwarming escape from reality with characters that are impossible not to love.



328 pages




”Like a shade  dancing on a wall, this story makes its way. With speed and breath, we take on lovely characters, wonderful environmental descriptions and well-described events.Among flowers, tomatoes and melons, prejudices, addictions and feelings of guilt also grow”  - Maddys_boksida Instagram


" ...Nice and loving with a strong recognition factor." - Land magazine no. 18


"...Prejudices are challenged and new friendships are made in this charming and well-written feel-good gem. As if this were not enough, the joy of growing is high and we get one or two growing tips. Overall rating 4 = very good" - BTJ library services no. 2 2022


"And there Longing over Ådala sails up and settles right in the top tier of my list of 2022's best feel-good books

This book definitely belongs to the "books-that-you-neither-want-to-put-down-or-read-out" genre.

I have longed for a long time to be able to return to the nice community in the allotment area Ådala and I have perhaps most of all longed for Ragnar, this good old man with a curious and open mind and with his heart in the right place.

The book has vivid environmental descriptions and very interesting characters who become like good friends. The book also describes relationships across generational boundaries in such a beautiful and touching way.

The book contains a lot of dark and difficult emotions such as sadness, betrayal and longing and also addresses topics such as co-dependency and prejudice.

But the light almost always wins over the darkness, thank God

This book has everything I could want from a feel-good book, so heartwarming and nice

I'm already looking forward to the fall when the next part in the series comes!” - bland_bocker_och_tekoppar Instagram