Something you Don't Know

Birgitta Bergin


Rights sold

Sweden: Bokfabriken


A year has passed since the big engagement party. Elsa and Thore, now 82, are happily married and it is time to return home from the Canary Islands. They invite their families to a weekend in the archipelago, but when the relatives arrive the air is filled with tension.


During the year that has passed since Elsa and Thore have sent their hard but fair letter, several relatives have done some soul searching. But all is not well and new secrets have surfaced, things have been observed and values have been put to the test. Everything culminates in an absurd weekend.

Something You Don’t Know is a freestanding sequel to As Sure as Fate. It’s a novel filled with warmth, romance and dark humour. Birgitta Bergin’s style is as usual fast, free and highly addictive.


381 pages