Saving Rabalder

Inger Frimansson


Rights sold

Denmark: Gyldendal

Germany: Kosmos

Norway: Piratförlaget

Sweden: Bonnier Carlsen

When the favorite horse leaves the stable, despair has no limits. It takes courage and smartness to find him again! Frossan takes help form Bojan and Hercules. Together they have to save Rabalder!


The spring sun is warm and Frossan and Bojan bikes to the stable as often as they get a chance. Then one day they hear someone crying. The cry comes from the loft. It is Amanda, one of the girls in their riding class, and she has terrible news: Rabalder will be taken away from them. When Frossan hears that Rabalder’s owner has come to move him, her world falls apart. But in the Unusual Names Club, you are brave. They must do something. They must save Rabalder.


Inger Frimansson continues her successful series about The Unusual Names Club, horse books for reader around 10!


196 pages