Skuggan av Dimön (The Shadow of Fog Island)

Mariette Lindstein

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Sweden: HarperCollins Nordic


Believable, eerie and creepy about sectarianism and manipulation.


The former cult leader, Franz Oswald, now lives a quiet life on Fog Island (Dimön), where he runs a retreat with nature walks, healthy food, cold baths and inspiring lectures. And he has settled down with a woman of the same age. Still, his son, Thor, can't help but wonder if it's just the calm before the storm. When Franz starts acting strangely, Thor does some research into his father's past and discovers that there is a five-year gap in his life that he has never talked about.


All traces lead to a decadent estate - Glimmingeholm – in south of Sweden where Franz stayed in his youth. It is rumored that there was an inner circle that indulged in debauched parties and mysterious rituals. The more Thor snoops, the more evasive Franz behaves. But Thor can't let go. What really happened on Glimmingeholm thirty years ago that caused his father to flee from there headlong? And why is Franz so anxious that the truth won’t come out?


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Coming soon - release November 2022