The Toilet Paper King

Maria Ernestam


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Sweden: Bonnier Bookery


He really knew how to hoard! Meet Ejnar Svensson – the junior official who became The Toilet Paper King of Sweden and beyond, due to a counting error. In Maria Ernestam’s phenomenal short story an embarrassing mistake is turned into a victory for the whole city. The story is told from the point of view of the power figure of Vallerås, the Chairman of the Municipal Council himself. But how far can you push an involuntary hero on his toilet paper strewn tribute trip? And what happens when it all ends? This is an incredibly charming story about human vanity, the ordinary man on the street and the unexpected twists and turns of life.



Maria Ernestam about the book: 

”We can give our lives all kinds of elegance and shine – our looks, our homes and even our misfortune– but what we do in the bathroom is something we can’t glorify. There the remainings are the same whether you are poor or rich. The only way to hide this unpleasant fact is to wipe yourself as nicely as you can. Without toilet paper we get thrown back to miserable old times – circumstances no one would like to get thrown back to. It is about keeping your dignity. Especially so in a time of crisis.”



2 hr playtime - Audio book & E-book




"Highly amusing, charming, necessary." – Monica Lindgren, SVT Go’kväll.


”Highly topical… extraordinary story! Lovely narrating by Morgan Alling." -Johan Anderblad, TV4 Nyhetsmorgon


"Thought provoking, and by coincidence highly topical during times while people are hoarding, a short novel on how a communal worker by a simple mistake becomes the king of toilet paper." -Maria Näslund, GP


"A warm, fun and cunning short novel about a man; Ejnar Svensson, that involuntary becomes a worldwide superstar." -Morgan Alling, Swedish narrator.


"It’s such a loveable story to read. You simply love this tale about the upright, shy and undemanding person that one beautiful day gets the appreciation for his hard work that he deserves, from only being himself.

Though, you realise pretty quickly that the novel carries deeper dimensions rather than only insaneness. It’s entertaining to read about how political decisions circulate around something so simple as toilet paper. High and lows, the private and the political interact and is indispensable for the end result." - Matilda Olson, Kult magazine


"The book is charming, humoristic with a serious tone to it. A fitting book about hoarding toilet paper in these coronatimes - spot on." - @veronicas_bok_bak_liv


“A story you love to read.” - Tidningen KULT


"A nice little book that is so much more than entertaining satire." - Kabra's Crossroads, Germany