The Madwoman - the Neighbor from Hell

Birgitta Bergin


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Sweden: Bokfabriken



Nominations and Awards

Shortlisted for Best Audiobook in the Novel Category at the Storytel Awards 2020

What happens to a small community when it is taken over by a single person who’s not afraid to do anything in order to have things her way? And how far is a person willing to go in order to gain power over others?

Finally, the vacation has begun for Lena and Fredrik who are back at their summer house in Sweden, happy to leave their everyday life in Paris. They have looked forward to having the family gathering for BBQs, to meet the neighbors for a glass of wine or two and feel the salty winds in the coastal city.

But this vacation won’t be like that.

They have a new neighbor, who seems to do everything in her power to destroy their idyllic summer. All of a sudden, it’s no longer obvious where the border between their lawns is or which trails on the way to the beach they have permission to walk on.

Questions arise among the neighbors. What happened to Maria and Peter’s dog? Why is she always walking around with a screwdriver? And what strange riddles is she murmuring on about?

Trust between long-time neighbors begins to fade, replaced by suspicion. Doors become closed. The tension worsens. In the end, everyone at Lövudden becomes caught up in a drama where no one can guess the outcome.


360 pages




“What a book! What a main character! She stalked me in my dreams” – Boksann, book blog

“Entertaining, crazy and well-written” -Jennies Boklista, book blog

“Wow! I couldn’t put the book down” – Monica Iveskold

“The authors depiction of the environment and characters are so vivid I can truly see them right in front of me” – Villivonkans books, book blog

“I get the chills while reading this book” – Malins bokhylla, book blog

“Birgitta Begin never disappoints” – Gunillas bokhylla, book blog