While the Snow Falls Over Ådala

Åsa Liabäck


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Sweden: Printz Publishing



Christmas is rarely uncomplicated - and especially not for our characters in the Ådala allotment area. Now the gates to the colony have closed for the year, and the snow has started to fall over Linköping.

For Marcus, this Christmas will be completely different. His ex is still in New York and he himself has just arrived in Sweden, with a broken heart and an uncertain future. For Anna and Patric, it is the waiting times that apply, shortly their child will be born. But just before Christmas, something happens that turns everything upside down. And then there's Stephanie, who struggles with her music career, all while the neighbor in the apartment above becomes an unexpected friend.

Ragnar does his best to keep track of all his friends, while the coffee house in Ådala is waiting to be inaugurated. Will Christmas be peaceful for all the souls in the area? And if not – is there a possibility of a second chance?

While the Snow Falls Over Ådala is the third part of Åsa Liabäck's feelgood series about the allotment area in Ådala. A story of sadness and crises, but also of hope and friendship in the coldest of seasons.


334 pages




"Yesterday I had "While the snow falls in Ådala" as a travel companion when I flew home from a conference in Barcelona. I must have shocked the two gentlemen I was sandwiched between, when I suddenly began to snort and secretly wipe away tears. This is so good and incredibly well written. The author really touches with his heartfelt and realistic descriptions of both people and the environment. This time we get to follow our friends at Ådala colony "on home ground" because gardening is not so relevant in the winter, but of course the gates are sometimes opened during Advent too.

A lot happens in winter and the drama lurks behind every page. Åsa has done a thorough research and I recognize myself in so much. I get really warm in the heart and so deeply touched by descriptions I can't explain because of spoilers.

This is no ordinary Christmas feel-good, although both mulled aroma and candle pouring are included. "While the snow falls in Ådala" is a moving story about relationships and people's lives, as they can be. If you're only going to read one Christmas book this year, choose this one!” - bokochtanke Instagram

"...Liabäck writes in an empathetic and straightforward manner with great human warmth. The language in the book is captivating and easy with solid characters. It is an exuberant and joyful book that feels well-founded and researched... Overall rating 5= Brilliant" - BTJ library services no. 18 2022

"Finally back at the colony area in Ådala and finally I get to meet Ragnar, Stephanie and the others. I enjoy their company so much.

Åsa Liabäck has a fantastic ability to write about darkness and sad things, but lift them up and give a hopeful feeling. It is touching and engaging.

The author has written a nice story that fits so well with the meaning of Christmas. Caring for others becomes extra important in these times.

I didn't think I could like the series even more than I already did. I was wrong. It certainly worked.” -Boktokig, book blog