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Latest Sales

"The Salt of Ancient Tears" 3 book deal  

By Brian m Talgo & Brynjulf Haugan 

Sold to Obuolys, Lithuania


"The Lizard In Your Head" (Ödlan i huvudet) 

By Dan Katz 

Sold to Mona, in cooperation with Kalem Agency, Turkey

"Surrounded by Idiots" (Omgiven av idioter) &  

"Surrounded by Psychopaths" (Omgiven av psykopater) 

By Thomas Erikson

Kinneret, Israel

Sold in cooperation with Efrat Lev at Deborah Harris Agency

"Surrounded by Idiots" (Omgiven av idioter) 

By Thomas Erikson

Sold to Poetikas, Croatia


"Surrounded by Idiots" (Omgiven av idioter) 

By Thomas Erikson

Sold to Lua de Papel, Portugal in cooperation with Nordik Agency and Anna Lindblom




If you think the cover is creepy - just wait until you read what's inside Christina Erikson's new book: Your Friend Forseti - a true high end crime novel that will blow you away.


Our women's fiction list is expanding and the newest addition is Christoffer Holst's upcoming book about Cilla Storm - Sweet Red Summer Dreams. Who doesn't like to read about garden crime in the Swedish Archipelago along with a glass of wine?



We officially welcome our newest addition of authors - Brian M. Talgo and Brynjulf Haugan to the Enberg Agency Family. Their book The Salt of Ancient Tears, is a high-concept story of romantic adventure and suspense. It’s a story that addresses the growing awareness of #MeToo, while spotlighting strong female characters. The story features a main character who takes control of her life, successfully brings down a wealthy sociopath, and emerges the woman she has longed to be.