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By Katarina Wilk

Sold to Atena, Finland



Fog Island

By Mariette Lindstein

Sold to Gyldendal, Denmark




By Katarina Wilk

Sold to Znanje, Croatia



Greetings from Båstad & 24 Good Deeds

By Jenny Fagerlund

Two book deal - Sold to Palatium Books, Denmark



Small One-Bed Apartment With Potential

By Camilla Davidsson 

Sold to Palatium Books, Denmark



The Butcher

By Gabriella Ullberg Westin 

Sold to HarperCollins Germany



Surrounded by Psychopaths

By Thomas Erikson 

Sold to Varrak, Estonia


Sweet Red Summer Dreams & Blue Blue Autumn Waves 

By Christoffer Holst

Two book deal - Sold to Gyldendal, Denmark


Cleopatras Comb 

By Maria Ernestam

Filmrights on option Sold to Filmlance






Celebrated cult trilogy is optioned for TV

Erika Edman and Good Eye Production have acquired the rights to the highly acclaimed book series that includes the titles: Fog Island, Return to Fog Island and Children of Fog Island. The books, which are inspired by Mariette Lindstein’s own experiences as a member of a cult, have sold a quarter of a million copies and are published in eleven countries including the UK and Germany.

Mia Jupp, Mariette Lindstein and Erika Edman

”One of the best thrillers this year" - The Guardian

Erika Edman is the producer of seven seasons of the internationally successful crime series Maria Wern, and in this project, she is collaborating with BAFTA award-winning British producer Mia Jupp.

“There is a universal fascination for the dynamics of cults. As a complement to the well-established Scandi Noir genre, we want to create a mesmerizing thriller series that offers a new arena where the focus is on the intricate mechanisms of the human psyche, the consequences of hierarchies and group pressure, and the effects on people living under the spell of a powerful, charismatic leader. We love the complex main characters Sofia Bauman and Franz Oswald, and the tremendous success of Mariette´s books worldwide gives our project a great international platform”, say Erika Edman and Mia Jupp.

For her part, Mariette says, "It felt right from the very first meeting with Erika Edman and Mia Jupp. They are highly professional. And they really understand my purpose for the books and the importance of portraying the characters just right. I really look forward to continuing our collaboration.” 

Mariette Lindstein’s books have been sold to the UK, Germany, Canada, Norway, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Scotland.

Production is estimated to begin 2020.

Contact info: Maria Enberg at Enberg Literary and Film Agency,



Katarina Wilk's novel #WalkWithMe is on to the finals at this years Storytel Awards in the category "Best Young Adult". It's a story about the glamorous but rough world of modeling 


As the chocolate lovers we are - Gustaf Mabrouk is our new Guru. His book THE CHOCOLATE MAKER’S HANDBOOK is an award winning cookbook with lots of inspiration to immerse yourself in. It’s also filled with knowledge about what it takes to grow Cacao and the process of Bean to Bar Chocolate.

This week Gustaf is competing with the Swedish National pastry team at the Coupe du monde de la patisserie 2019. We have our fingers crossed - and hope he brings back some chocolate leftovers for us. The book's images is by photographer Bengt O Pettersson and the images will make you drool. Welcome to the agency - let’s bring this book out into the world for all other chocolate lovers out there.


Today we have the pleasure of welcoming a new book title to our Non-fiction list. The Quest for a Perfect Gin & Tonic by Hans-Olov Öberg. Currently on its fourth print run this bestselling title offers humour, warmth and empowerment to all G&T lovers .

There literally is no book like this on the market today and it is the winner of two Gourmand Awards - Best Swedish Cocktail book and Best Swedish Drinks photo books. Can’t wait to share it with you all!

Released in Sweden by LB förlag. More info is coming soon!