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Latest Sales

The Badger

By Fredrik P. Winter 

Sold to AW Bruna, The Netherlands

Surrounded by Bad Bosses

By Thomas Erikson 

Sold to Zvaigzne ABC, Latvia



24 Good Deeds

By Jenny Fagerlund

Sold to Gummerus, Finland



The Badger

By Fredrik P. Winter 

Sold to HarperCollins Germany

Surrounded by Setbacks

By Thomas Erikson 

Sold to St Martin's Essentials, US




By Katarina Wilk

Sold to Jouvence, France

Sold in co-operation with Caradine Agency


Sweet Red Summer Dreams 

By Christoffer Holst 

Sold to Obuolys, Lithuania

The Bookshop on Riverside Drive 

By Frida Skybäck

Sold to Obuolys, Lithuania

Dehli's Most Beautiful Hands

By Mikael Bergstrand

Sold to Obuolys, Lithuania


By Katarina Wilk

Sold to Totem, Turkey

Sold in co-operation with Kalem Agency


Shadow of Fog Island & Children of Fog Island

By Mariette Lindstein

Sold to Gyldendal, Denmark

Requiem on Fog Island

By Mariette Lindstein

Sold to Blanvalet, Germany

Broken Legs and Broken Hearts – a Completely Impossible Christmas 

By Maria Ernestam

Sold to Palatium Books, Denmark



The Bookshop on Riverside Drive & The Book Club at the End of the World

By Frida Skybäck

Sold to Cicero, Imprint at Gyldendal, Denmark

Surrounded by Psychopaths

By Thomas Erikson 

Sold to Ucila, Slovenia

Sold in co-operation with Andrew Nurnberg



Surrounded by Idiots

By Thomas Erikson 

Sold to PT. Betang Pustaka, Indonesia

Sold in co-operation with Bridge Communications

Villa Sea Breeze

By Caroline Säfstrand

Sold to Strawberry Publishing, Denmark





Today we wish to give a warm and official welcome to our new author at - Mattias Ribbing. Author of several non-fiction books and Grandmaster of Memory will release a brand new title at Strawberry Publishing this fall. It's a book that will challenge us to think differently on how technology can boost our brain capacity and give us practical tools on the way. We couldn't be more excited for this collaboration! More info coming soon but for now: Welcome to the Enberg Agency family Mattias!





IN THE SHADE OF THE FIG TREE written by Camilla Davidsson is voted best E-book of the year at the Nextory E-book Awards in the novel category!

A audience choice that is based on what the readers have read, completed and liked the most.




We are extremely happy and proud to be working with one of our Idols, Ulrika Davidsson, who’s long and rich journey of writing healthy cookbooks has followed us through the years. Now she has written a book that we have completely fallen in love with. It has everything we’ve been looking for in order to follow a food- and health plan that works in the long run to create new habits. 66 Day Challenge has already been top listed and reprinted! It teaches us how to reach a healthy lifestyle and offers a modern, well thought through and easily accessible food plan that truly promotes health and brings out the pure joy of cooking. Welcome to the Enberg Agency family Ulrika Davidsson!


We wish to give Amanda Hellberg a warm welcome to the Enberg Agency family! Amanda's most recent novel will be published by Lovereads this fall. A CRINOLINE CHRISTMAS is a perfect festive romance in a historic setting, promising snow, roaring fires, chilling mystery and breathtaking passion. More info coming soon about the book.



Thomas Erikson's book  SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS is the most selling book all genres in Norway during 2019


Filmrights on 24 GOOD DEEDS by Jenny Fagerlund is sold on option to Nordisk Film.



The Storytelling Awards 2020 has just opened their votes for best Audiobook of 2019 - Shortlisted in the novel genre we find three Enberg Agency titles:


Caroline Säfstrand - Villa Sea Breeze 

Camilla Davidsson - In the Shade of The Fig Tree 

Birgitta Bergin - The Madwoman 








Click here to place your votes before January 17th.

The Winners in the different categories will be announced during the Gala on the 2nd of April.


Filmrights on INGEMAR'S AWAKENING by Mikael Bergstrand is sold on option to Mint. Read the full Swedish pressrelease right here 








The Bookshop on Riverside Drive by Frida Skybäck has been Shortlisted for the German Der LovelyBooks Leserpreis 2019 in the category "Roman" (Novels).

LovelyBooks Leserpreis is the biggest readers’ choice book award in Germany. The votes close on the 26th of November.


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Thomas Erikson's book  SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS is on the Sunday Times top list as no 9 in the UK!