Angela Ahola

Doctor in psychology of perception - the art of first impressions

Angela Ahola

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Angela Ahola has a doctoral degree in psychology and specializes in first impressions, what gives us influence, communication trends, stereotypes, judicial evaluations and nonverbal communication. She has trained leaders in the corporate world as well as academics within the Department of Psychology and officers of the Stockholm Police Academy.


The Art of Making an Impression is her non-fiction debut book where she asks questions such as:


During the first few seconds others will have made up their mind about you. What is it that determine whether others will want to cooperate with you, hire you or buy from you. What makes us like and trust a person, choose one product and not the other, or feel confident with a organization?


She delivers a high energy and humorous writing and lectures combining social psychology, cognitive neuroscience, with the communication trends of today, social media behavior, and advertising research.


It's a book that helps you show your better self.


Angela has authored a number of academic publications based on her research, and is often cited in the press / TV. Moreover, she herself is a business owner with a number of years with extensive experience of sales and marketing. Read more about her at her webpage and check out some of the links below in Swedish TV.


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2016 - The Art of Making an Impression (Konsten att göra intryck), Non-fiction


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