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Johannes Cullberg is a certified nutrition and health coach and serial entrepreneur who founded the food chain Paradiset. He also runs one of Sweden's most popular Instagram accounts within diet and health. After more than two decades of leading positions in the international food and health industry, Johannes Cullberg has a unique insight into these industries. Johannes has a passion for helping people to better health by explaining complex issues in a simple way.

With his company Re:You, he wants to improve public health and in 2023 he won the "Change Maker of the Year" award, which goes to a person who is brave and acts from the heart. Really makes changes. Challenges old truths. Contributing together to create a better world.

His book Re:claim Power of your Health in 12 Weeks has been on the top list in Sweden since its release.


He also received the honorary award The Gold Heart at the fitness festival in 2023. An award for the unsung training heroes in Sweden, which is awarded for heart-worthy efforts. With the following motivation:

"With his fearless voice, in-depth knowledge and scrutiny of the food industry, Johannes Cullberg makes a difference. He bravely show how suppliers, large and small, deceive us consumers. What we sometimes need is the truth, built on reason and simple information with high credibility.
His digital posts are causing many of us to choke and actually change our food intake. Healthy, necessary, educationally presented and important. Clear aha experience that everyone can understand and absorb.
A health entrepreneur of great proportions with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, where he contributes to the democratization of public health to the greatest extent." - The Honorary Gold Heart Award, 2023


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2023 - Reclaim Power of your Health in 12 Weeks (Ta makten över din hälsa på 12 veckor)




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