Jöns Hellsing

An absorbing storyteller whose heart is divided between Sweden and Scotland


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Jöns Hellsing is never half-hearted in what he does, neither in life nor in his writing, which he likens to building a linguistic cathedral. Innovative and image-driven, he takes his time, mulling over his stories until the final scene is written in letters of fire in his mind. Only then does he venture to put the words down.


With his roots in rhymes and jingles, Jöns Hellsing’s greatest fear is “writing himself into the ditch” and losing the story and the reader along the road. And so he holds fast to the principles of dramatic art and thought, which keep him firmly on the right track, whispering “Psst! This way! Not that way!”
The ability to keep the reader engaged and wanting to know more, in a style that is elegant and entertaining, is one of Jöns Hellsing’s strengths in the first volume, “Handyman Wanted”, a vivid blend of a modern-day John Irving and Jonathan Tropper. When Jöns reads, he is drawn to Helena von Zweigbergk, Jonas Gardell and Peter May – authors we hope will one day read Hellsing.
Copywriter, composer and now novelist, Jöns Hellsing is entering an exciting new stage of his life. His erstwhile achievements include spending 25 creative years at Garbergs Advertising Agency, renovating a seaside writer’s lair in Scotland and being prime mover in the pop/disco band Dildorado. Jöns Hellsing lives with his wife and three sons on Lidingö, just outside Stockholm.


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2018 - Halfway to Heaven (Halvvägs till himlen), novel

2017 – Handyman Wanted (Händig man sökes), novel


English sample available by Deborah Bragan-Turner


Author Photo by Petter Cohen

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