Ulrica Norberg

Yogamaster, Breathcoach & Nomad


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Ulrica Norberg is an inquirer and thinker and has throughout her life been creative and contemplative, always with the intention of findings ways to evolve in body, mind and spirit. She found meditation and yoga in her early teens when she was living and studying in the US and has led to her initiation to Yogiraj; Yogamaster, a high honor that just a handful of westerners have received before her.

This Sweden native, holds a Master´s degree from Stockholm University, is a trained journalist and dramatic writer and shares her teaching with work as a coach to groups and individuals, teaching creativity and innovative transformation workshops. She has written over a dozen books on health, yoga and personal growth.

Ulrica played an important role in yogas growth in Europe from the 90´s and on and she has trained hundreds of yoga teachers across the world. Today she is a key advocate for the increase of interest in the breath and its mechanics and function and Ulrica is invited regularly to Swedish National TV to speak of its importance for our wellbeing.

Her vast experience from life, academics and from having gone against and along the grid, shines through in her open appearance, deep knowledge, self-distance and warm approach.


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2021 - Cat Power - The Healing Power of the Cat, non-fiction

2021 - Restorative Yoga (Återhämtning), non-fiction, new Swedish edition

2021 -Curious (Nyfiken), non-fiction

2020 - Nomad -  non-fiction

2018 - Breathe (Andas), non-fiction



2016 - Restorative Yoga (published by Skyhorse US)

2014 - Yoga for 15 minutes a day (Yoga en kvart om dagen)

2014 - Yin Yoga (published by Skyhorse US)

2007 - Hatha Yoga (published by Skyhorse US)

2003 - Meditation 

2001 - Power Yoga (published by Skyhorse US)



Author Photo: Caroline Andersson

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